3 Ways To Care For Collectible Diecast Police Car Displays


Diecast cars are impressive collectibles with accurate details and a lot of work put into a small toy. When you collect items like a 1969 police Chevrolet Camaro collectable, extra effort is needed to ensure the vehicle stays in mint condition. Police cars have different features than standard cars and there are some specific tips to follow as a collector.

Check out the tips and learn how to care for any diecast police cars you purchase in the future.

Battery Replacement

One of the unique features of diecast police cars are the working lights and sounds. Some may have both while others may have a single feature. Either way, batteries are needed to properly operate the car's features. Over time, batteries could leak and the acid could cause damage to the car. The sirens may not work properly and the car loses mint condition status.

Ideally, you want to keep batteries out of the car unless you use the sirens and lights on a regular basis. If you decide to keep the batteries, then set a reminder every six months or so to inspect the batteries and provide replacements. A digital calendar often works the best because you will receive an automatic reminder just in case you forget.

Avoid Sunlight

When you display collectibles, one of the more harmful elements is sunlight. UV rays causes colors to fade over time, especially any white paint. White paint is often found on a police vehicle. The white fades to yellow and takes away the mint look of the toy car.

As you pick a display spot, choose an area with minimal natural sunlight. Shop around for collectible display cases that block out UV rays and prevent discoloration.

Block The Wheel

Police diecast cars may have more sensitive parts than other cars. For example, the light bar attached to the top could easily break off if the car is dropped. Other small elements like CB radio antennas and extra rear-view mirrors could also break. When you display a collectible car, you want to prevent the vehicle from rolling off high locations and suffering from possible damage.

Look for a display area with a raised edge. The edge prevents the car from just rolling off. You could also look for a display case with clear sides so you easily see a car but do not need to worry about any damage.

Use these tips for any cars you add to your collection like a 1969 police Chevrolet Camaro diecast or another police cruiser. Go online to websites like randsdiecast.com to find more.


6 August 2021

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