How To Customize And Create The Perfect Graduation Announcements


Graduation announcements are commonly sent out to family and loved ones of the person who is graduating from high school or college. These announcements often include details about the date and location of the graduation, along with photos of the graduate and details about where or she may be headed now, such as a college of their choosing. If you want to create graduation announcements for your loved ones to have, you can get creative and have a lot of fun while you are making them.

Choose the Photos You Want to Include

Adding one or more photos of yourself on the announcement is a good idea. Many seniors in high school choose to get senior portraits taken outside of school. You can have these portraits taken anywhere you would like, such as under the sun, out in the grass, or even in front of a few beautiful trees. However, if you do not have the time to take those additional photos, you can always use graduation photos that were taken by the high school for the yearbook.

Look Online For a Template

If you need a template for the announcements, you can look online for different printables that may be edited and used by you to create your own announcements. If you have trouble finding a printable that you like, you can always get in touch with a freelance graphic designer online who could create the perfect template for your announcements based on the colors and specific ideas you have in your head, such as a floral background or even a chalkboard-style background that is reminiscent of the board you looked at for so many years of your life while in different classes at school.

Decide What to Put on Your Announcements

Even after selecting the photos you are going to use for the graduation announcements and finding the perfect template to use, you will still need to decide what you are going to put on your announcements. These are just a few ideas to give you some inspiration on what to add to the announcements to make them look even better:

  • Graduation cap clip art
  • Year of graduation
  • Short details about your plans for the future

After adding the photos and any of the other details to your announcements, you can print them out at home using card stock in your printer or you can choose to have them printed at a local pharmacy that may offer photo printing services.

You can make beautiful graduation announcements at home. You simply need some high-quality photos of yourself, a good template, and all the different details you would like to add to the announcements, such as your graduation year and any plans you might have to go to college and pursue a specific career.


22 September 2018

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