Top 5 Ways Stuffed Toys Encourage Child Development


When picking from children's toys for sale, consider buying stuffed toys. Not only are they cute and cuddly, but they also serve another purpose. They work to encourage child development, which benefits your little one in a multitude of ways. 

Educational Tools

Parents can use stuffed animals as a method for educating their children. Toddlers who are just learning how to talk and identify new objects can be shown a plush bear, bunny, or puppy and practice saying the name of the animal. Then they can work on picking out the correct animal from the bunch when asked. Once the little ones have that down, you can move on to the sounds that each animal makes. 

Imaginative Play

Pretend play gives toddlers and small children a chance to act out what they are learning in real life. A little girl might place her stuffed toys around a table and throw a tea party, while a little boy might use his favorite plush to rescue a few other toys from a make believe fire. You may find your child diapering the plush if you have a new baby at home, or putting the stuffed bear on the potty during the potty training months. 

Explore Emotions

Additionally, kids will use their teddy bears to act out any frustrations they may have, such as having to sit in time out when misbehaving. Your son may place an adhesive bandage on his stuffed dog's knee right after he skinned his own knee and your daughter might cry and tell her plush kitty when a friend hurts her feelings.  

Sensory Stimulation

Stuffed toys tend to be soft and furry, which will appeal to your child's sense of touch. Some plush animals are also filled with things like little beans that are fun to squeeze, or lights that shine when you bounce the toy. You can even get stuffed toys that play music or speak a few words. There are also weighted children's toys for sale that promote a sense of calm. They are especially helpful for kids with special needs. 

Fine Motor Coordination

Once your children get older, you can continue to use stuffed toys to develop their fine motor coordination. This is possible when you obtain a kit that requires the child to construct the plush herself. She will not only learn how to follow printed patterns, but also how to sew and create a three dimensional object.

Chances are your child will not only learn from having a stuffed teddy bear, but also make lasting memories. That plush may end up becoming one of your kid's favorite toys and a keepsake for adulthood. 


17 May 2016

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